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4CB blog – 17/11/17 November 19, 2017

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We have had a very busy first couple of weeks to the half term! We have hit the ground running and got straight back into learning. Thank you to all the parents that came to parents evening this week, it was great to see so many parents in attendance.

In English, we have started looking at our new book the Iron man. We have completed descriptions of the character, the iron man and the setting the first chapter takes place in. We have also completed a book deduction activity along with a comprehension about what we have read so far. Towards the end of the week, children planned and began to write a diary entry from the point of view of the main character in the story.

In Maths, we have been looking at fractions. The children have been fantastic and very resilient. We have tackled some difficult concepts but have always prevailed. We have learnt about the addition and subtraction of fractions, finding equivalent fractions, ordering fractions and placing them on a number line.

In Topic, we have continued to look at the Romans. This week we used atlases to locate different Roman towns throughout Britain.

In Science, we have been looking at sound. We have learnt about how sound travels and this week we learnt the structure of the ear and created an explanation as to how humans hear.

In SMSC, children learnt about Martin Luther King Jr and what he did. They learnt about his impact in society and how he changed so many people’s lives for the better.

Well done to Louie this week, who was given star of the week for his brilliant attitude to learning.

Upcoming dates

24 November 2017 – Takeover day
6th December 2017 – Year 4 trip to the Roman Dewa experience in Chester

Have a good weekend

Mr Bennett

4CB Blog – 20/10/17 October 22, 2017

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We have been busy in Year 4 as ever this week!

In English we finally finished our reports on the Roman Empire and they are sounding great. We then used our reports to create a spoken report. Before we did this, we looked at some great public speakers from history and analysed what they did so well. We then used that to plan our own report. On Friday, we then recorded them and they are all brilliant!

In Maths, we have been applying all the knowledge we have learnt over the last few weeks to answer a variety of questions. It has required all children to use their reasoning skills and make them think about and apply what they have learnt.

In Topic, we were looking at why the Romans were never able to takeover Scotland (or Caledonia as it was called then). The children really had to use their historical skills to deduce these reasons. It was a very interesting lesson, with both children and myself learning lots!

We had a fantastic Science lesson on Wednesday looking at the water cycle. However, it did not stay completely on subject as children had so many different questions about the world to ask. We discussed everything from why there are rainbows to how earthquakes happen to why we have winters and summers. Both myself and the children thoroughly enjoyed it and it showed that 4CB is a class full of children fascinated about the world around them.

Next week will be an assessment week. This means that children will be sitting a range of different tests to see exactly what level they are in Reading, Spelling and Grammar and Maths. The children do not need to worry about the tests. It is just to allow teachers to see where children are at and what needs to be taught this year.

Our star of the week this week was Laaibah. She always shows such dedication to her learning and is a true role model for all students.

Important dates

Thursday 26th October 2017 – Halloween disco Year 4,5,6 – 6:15-7:15
Friday 27th October 2017 – Break up for half term
Monday 6th November 2017 – School opens
Monday 13th November 2017 – Reports to be sent home
Thursday 16th November 2017 – Parents evening

Enjoy your weekend and the last week of the half term!

Mr Bennett

13/10/17 – 4CB Blog October 15, 2017

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We have certainly worked the children hard this week and they have shown how fantastic they are!

In English, the children have been writing their Roman reports. They have been looking at the use of fronted adverbials to start their sentences and we have also looked at the structure of sentence types. They have been working very hard, using all their research to construct their writing. We will be finishing them next week and then recording them for all to see in assembly. I’m sure some will make it onto twitter for parents to see too!

In Maths this week the children have been really challenged. We have been looking at division and how we can use the bus stop method to divide large numbers by smaller numbers. I think the children will agree this is not an easy thing to tackle. But they have been a credit to themselves and worked so hard. We haven’t all quite got it yet, but we will get there when we visit it again later in the year.

In Topic this week, we have looked at the Roman journey to Britain. This time, we were looking specifically at the challenges faced by the soldiers on their journey. We also thought about how Claudius managed to bring elephants to Britain. Where did they come from?

In music, we started to learn a song about the Romans, and if you look at our class twitter, you will be able a sneak peak of us singing it.

In science, we used our data collected from the experiments with Mr Lally to make a line graph of our results. We will be looking at the data and our graphs next week and seeing what we can learn from it.

In P.E. children have developed their hockey skills with Mr Smith. They also used the gymnastic skills they have learnt to compete in a series of unusual races.

Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school on Mondays and Tuesdays. There are still children missing out on PE lessons because they do not have kit.

Our star of the week this week was Diana for her fantastic resilience in Maths, trying to understand the bus stop method. She found it difficult at first but is getting there!

The Championship points winner this week was Aalia!

Newsletters went out on Friday, please make sure you have a look at one as there are lots of important dates on it!

Have a good weekend!

Mr Bennett

4CB – 06/10/17 October 8, 2017

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We have had a fantastic week this week and busy as always!

In English, we have have been getting ready to write our report about the Roman Empire. We have looked at some examples of reports and analysed one to understand the different features. We have now started to plan it, using all our notes we have collected over the last four weeks in English lessons. Next week we are going to finish planning our reports by researching using the iPads and then dive straight into writing them. Once we have written them we will be recording them to show to everybody in assembly!

In Maths, we have have tackled the formal written method for short multiplication, not an easy job! Although children struggled at the start of the week, most of them are now confident in using it and have shown through their beautiful work in their books. It shows, no matter what is put in front of us, as long as we are resilient and have a growth mindset we will always prevail in the end!

In music this week, we were putting our theory into practice. We used musical instruments to develop our understanding of dynamics and tempo and the importance of these key ideas in music.

In PE we have continued with our gymnastics and hockey. Children are really starting to get into the swing of both now!

In science, children have been investigating the temperature of water over time. Using thermometers, children measured the temperature of hot water every minute. Next week, they will be looking at the cup they used and investigating whether using a polystyrene cup will affect their results. They will also be presenting their data as a line graph!

In topic, children became historians this week. Using artefacts found on the Scottish borders, children were able to gain a better understanding of life as a Roman soldier. They also had some fascinating ideas as to what the artefacts were used for 2000 years ago!

Our star of the week this week was Millie. She puts 100% effort into everything and is a true role model for all MRPA students. She shows a fantastic growth mindset and relishes a good challenge during lessons. A true asset to 4CB!

A reminder that homework is due in on Tuesdays. Spelling and times table tests take place on Fridays, so please make sure children are learning them every night at home. Also, reading regularly is vital for children’s progress so please make sure children are reading with somebody at home and writing in their reading records.

Have a good weekend!

Mr Bennett

29/09/2017 October 1, 2017

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We have had a fantastic week in year 4! The highlight this week has to be our fabulous trip to Yorkshire Sculpture park. The children had a fantastic time looking at all the magnificent sculptures. Then, in the afternoon, the children use lots of different materials to build their own sculpture.

In English this week, we have been up levelling our letter pretending to be a Roman soldier and they are sounding a lot better now! Children have also written their cold piece of writing in preparation for writing our report on the Roman Empire.

In Maths, the children have been working very hard. This week we have tackled column subtraction. Although the children found it difficult at first, but they showed fantastic resilience and are now much more confident.

In Science, children were using thermometers to measure the temperature of water over time. In their other science lesson, the children were writing up their results from the Rice Krispie cake investigation last week!

Our star of the week was Caiden. He has shown fantastic resourcefulness making sculptures out of Lego. He has clearly been inspired by our trip this week!

Homework has been given out. Please make sure children return it to school by Tuesday. Can children also bring their reading books and reading records with them everyday please, it is important they are reading at least four times a week!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Mr Bennett

4CB Blog – 22/9/17 September 24, 2017

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It has been a great week in year 4 this week, children working hard as always.

In English, we have been looking at the lives of Roman soldiers. We have looked specifically at what it would be like to be a Roman soldier stationed at Hadrian’s wall. We imagined that it could be quite boring compared to being at war. It could also get lonely at times and you might start to miss your family. Using all we learnt, we empathised with the soldier and wrote a letter home. On Friday, we did our first peer assessment task of the year. We used rubrics to assess each others work, stating what our learning partner has done well and their next steps to improve their writing. By the end of the year, we will be experts at this!

In maths, we tackled a difficult mathematical method, column addition. As a class, the children all worked exceptionally hard and showed fantastic resilience. We can now say we are all confident in using it! So, next week we will be moving on to column subtraction! Bring it on!

In Topic, we have been looking at the invasion of Britain. We learnt that Julius Caesar tried to conquer Britain twice, but never quite managed. We learnt that Caligula never even tried. In fact, he got his soldiers to collect shells on the beach – how strange. Eventually, Claudius brought an enormous army, including elephants, and managed to take over Britain. But it was not a quick process, it took 30 years!

Science was delicious this week! We were looking at changes in states of matter by making rice krispie cakes. We were looking at what changes in stated of matter occurred during the process. As a class, we looked closely at how changes in state happens, investigating materials at a particle level!

In P.E. children continued to develop their hockey and gymnastic skills.

Callum was the class star of the week. He is a superb student and a role model for all. He tries exceptionally hard in all areas of the curriculum and demonstrates a true growth mindset- always ready to learn and better himself!

Our championship point winner was Laaibah, well done to her!

Don’t forget on Tuesday 26th September, we have our school trip to Yorkshire sculpture park. The coach is leaving at 8:30, so children need to be in before then. We should be back to school for 3:30 but this is traffic dependant! We are looking forward to taking the children to such a wonderful place. Don’t forget, everyone must be in their school uniform!

If there are any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me or drop in for a chat!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Mr Bennett

4CB Blog – 15/09/17 September 17, 2017

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Another fantastic week in Year 4. Children are all settled in and are familiar with routines.

In English, we have been looking closely at Julius Caesar and how he became so powerful. We started off the week by looking at Shakespeare’s adaptation of the story. We then thought about what he thought about himself and what others thought of him. We enjoyed doing some hot seating, answering questions from his point of view. To finish off the week, we wrote a diary entry, pretending to be Caesar. It would have been his final entry before his terrible end!

In Maths, we have been working really well. We’ve been looking at the value of digits within a number. We have also been using number lines to add and subtract. We have been developing our self assessment skills. Children are now becoming confident it assessing their ability and choosing an appropriate challenge to match.

We started to look at Roman music this week. We learnt a song about the Roman army sending signals to eachother during a battle.

In Science, children have started to look at states of matter. We looked closely at gases this week. We are now able to explain what makes a gas a gas, what the properties of a gas are and how solids and liquids can be changed into a gas.

In R.E. children started their new topic of the year. This half term they will be learning all about Hinduism. They started out by learning about the main beliefs of Hindu’s.

The children have had two P.E. sessions this week. One session was an introduction of gymnastics. Children we looking at different ways of moving and making sequences. With Mr Smith, children started looking at hockey.

Don’t forget children have PE every Monday and Tuesday, so they must have their PE kits in school. Children should not be wearing ear rings during PE lessons. Make sure children know how to take them out or have plasters to cover them please.

Our star of the week was Moses. He has shown real commitment to his learning and has a fantastic work ethic in all lessons.

The championship points winner this week was Callum and the team was Self Belief.

Children have been given reading books and reading records. We are in the process of assessing all children to ensure they are reading the correct book band. We aim to have this done by the end of next week. It is important that children read regularly at home with somebody. If you do, please record it in their record so it can be monitored by staff in school.

Thank you for sending all children in dressed in the correct uniform. They all look very smart!

Important dates

26/9/17 – Trip to Yorkshire sculpture park

Mr Bennett

08.09.2017 – First week back! September 9, 2017

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It has been great to see all the children back this week. Some were apprehensive on Wednesday, but have all settled in well and have started working hard straight away.

Thank you to all parents for ensuring your children are in school on time and looking so smart. All children have been in the correct uniform everyday and it really makes a difference.

We have started our English project for this half term. We are looking at the book ‘The Roman Empire’. The children have enjoyed what we have read so far. On Friday we used our fantastic writing skills to describe ourselves as Roman Emperors! The class were brilliant at thinking of their Roman names!

In maths, we have started off using our Abacus scheme to learn all about place value. This week we have been looking at addition to the next multiple of 100. Children struggled at first, but by the end of maths on Friday, every child was confident. Everyone showed fantastic resilience!

In our topic lesson, we looked at the journey taken by the Roman army on their way to conquer Britain. During this lesson we also looked at the continents and oceans of the world. We struggled through, but finally managed to name them all. I will be asking the children how many they can remember next week!

We looked at democracy and how it impacts on our lives during a SMSC lesson this week. We then compared our democracy to the democracy of the Roman Empire. On Friday, we had our own democratic vote in class, electing two new student council representatives. Well done to Callum and Ella who were elected!

Reading books and reading records will be sent home next week. Please ensure children are regularly reading at home and record it in their record.

Our first championship point winner of the year was Leanne, well done!

We will be doing P.E. on Mondays and Tuesdays, so please make sure children have their kit in school on Monday.

Letters went out this week about our first trip of the year to Yorkshire Sculpture park. Please return letters for this as soon as possible!

If there are any questions or queries about anything to do with school, please get in touch or come and see us in school!

Have a good weekend!

Mr Bennett

4CB blog – 19.5.17 May 21, 2017

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As every week is, this week we have all been very busy!

In Literacy, we have been in the writing phase of our topic. Children have been working very hard to produce their own fantasy stories. Children have produced some excellent pieces of writing and clearly have amazing imaginations. All the stories will soon be put into a class book so everyone can read them!

In Maths we have come to the end of our project this term. We have been planning the Mad Hatters unfootball tournament, which will now be taking place this week! Before this, children will be very busy planning the tournament using all the skills and knowledge they have learnt over the past half term.

In science, children have been using their knowledge of states of matter to apply it to the water cycle. Children really grasped the concept of evaporation and condensation and how these processes lead to it raining.

In topic, we have continued to look at LLandudno and this week we will be looking at how we would get from Manchester to Llandudno. What transport could we take?

Our star of the week this week was Chantelle. She has really focused on her home reading and is not only reading school books, but her own at home! She has also shown fantastic perseverance in maths and is always committed to her own learning! Well done Chantelle!

Our championship point winner this week was Andrew and the team was Determination!

This week we will be going to the library as a class. We are going on Thursday. We will be leaving school at around 10:30 and returning by 11:45. If any parents would like to join us, then please get in touch before then!

Weekly Blog – 5.5.17 May 7, 2017

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Although the children have only been in school for three days this week, we have still been very busy!

In English we used some amazing apps on the iPads to create our own fantasy settings and they have turned out great! We then created our own setting descriptions to describe the worlds we have created. Children have really enjoyed doing this and there will be some fantastic writing produced from it.

In Maths, we finished off our perimeter and area. We are now experts at this and have become very confident using different formulas to help us. We then started to look at measures, particularly capacity, which is what we will be focusing on this week before moving onto weight!

In science, we have started to look at states of matter and concentrated on solids and liquids this week. We were trying to decide which state of matter different foods were. It was a lot more difficult than we first thought! Is squirty cream solid or liquid? We are still unsure!!!

Our topic work is in full swing now and we have been looking Llandudno. We were comparing it now to how it was many years ago. We are going to be looking closely at maps of the area over the next few weeks!

Our attendance still is not as high as it should be. Again we missed out on the desired 97%. It is so important the children come in everyday, as they miss so much learning.